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The Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Entomological Society is the East Midlands premier organisation for the study of moths and insects.

A key aim of the society is to promote the study and recording of moths, butterflies, insects and Land Arthropods within the two counties. If you have seen any interesting insects please click on the insect records button and tell us about them! The society is also in effect, both the Derbyshire moth group and the Nottinghamshire moth group and is home to the County moth recorders. Moth trapping and other events are run throughout the summer months.

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Following the death of the society’s secretary, Dave Budworth, we are trying to re-establish a full membership list with contact details. Without this, we cannot send out newsletters, journals and other communications. If you have not been contacted recently by Russell Nevin, please email him on or phone 01623 721422, to ensure we can stay in touch



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Poplar Hawk Moth, Rosliston Forestry Centre, Derbyshire